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Embark on a journey through cutting-edge AI and meticulous programming, honed through rigorous academia and practical experience since my teens.

A chess game

Exploring AI with Precision and Play

MTD-H: A Novel Approach to Solving Chess

As a master's thesis, I developed a novel approach to solving chess, based on the MTD-F algorithm. You can read more about it in my thesis, or check out the accompanying chess engine on GitHub.

Beamer Software

At least it's faster than PowerPoint

Beamer Software is a proof of concept program, that is used as a replacement for PowerPoint when searching for songs to display in a karaoke-like setting.

Super easy to use, even when you are in a pickle and don't have time to prepare beforehand. You just search it up with the handy tool provided.

- Ruben van den Dool

Clickety clack and sing

- Maarten Bos
A screenshot of the Beamer Software
A Lorenz Attractor

Generative Art

Creative Coding in Rust

As a side project, I like to play around with generative art. For this, I use the Rust programming language, and the Nannou framework. It allows for creating interactive scenes.

The image on the left is taken from a scene depicting a Lorenz attractor, a chaotic system of differential equations.

Note: The animation at the top off the page is one of those projects, embedded as WebAssembly.